Villa Nellcôte


Perfume Villa Nellcôte takes its name from the homonymous farm, in Villefranche -sur-Mer, in France. The fragrance is inspired by the aromas of the garden and the surroundings of the farm, mostly associated with the production of one of the most iconic rock albums ever made: Exile on Main Streetby The Rolling Stones.

You will like it if ... you like rock'n'roll, you're more of the Rolling than the Beatles, or if you just want to try something new, why not?

Notas de cabeza: Pomelo, Bergamota, Petit grain, Pimienta rosa, Elemí, Limón, Flor de limón
Notas de corazon: Hojas de violeta, Pétalos de rosa, Jazmín, Flor de magnolia, Osmanthus e Infusión de té negro
Notas de fondo: Cabreuva, Cedro, Pachulí, Ámbar blanco, Almizcle, Musgo y Madera de Guayacol

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