Upper Ten for her

El perfume prohibido de los felices años veinte


Marion wanders her Duesenberg into Gotham City night. Champagne and raspberry glasses at the Ziegfeld Follies, because it's not spoiled, and then whiskeys at the Savoy, even if it's forbidden. He cheers up with a few steps from Lindy Hop and alternates languid poses at the bar, smoking Turkish cigarettes, while Sweetheart disapproves of him with her eyes. But life is short, you have to enjoy it! «Upper Ten for her»Is the wake that the garçonnes give off on their night outings.

You will like it if ... you are one of those who leave traces for life, because after all, you were born stomping.

Notas de cabeza: Uvas Noah, Bergamota, Elemí y Artemisa
Notas de corazon: Rosa Búlgara, Licor De Frambuesa, Pimienta De Sichuan
Notas de fondo: Maderas Preciosas, Ámbar, Olíbano y Chocolate Negro


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