Tessuto - Room Spray


Fresh like linen and with the texture of silk. A unique fragrance, conceived in the city of Como, to be inspired by the most precious and natural fabrics, created in this city, the textile center of Italy. A walk among the blooming stems of a cotton field, caressing the white flakes. Like taking a 'bath' in clean, soft and silky fabric, breathing in its cozy and fresh fragrance. A crystalline scent for the home.

Culti thinks of everything: the fragrance is contained in an exclusive bottle sculpted in a square shape in transparent glass with screen printing of different colors for each fragrance.

You will like it if ... you want to feel a scent that evokes the delicate touch of fabrics and skin.

Bergamota, hojas de casis, flores de algodón, jazmín, geranio, incienso y almizcle blanco

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