The Salta region (Argentina), known for the richness and uniqueness of its soil, enhances the intensity of citrus. Considered by the Chinese as one of the three sacred fruits along with the peach and lemon, the grapefruit symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Also highly appreciated by the Romans and Greeks, this citrus has a crisp freshness. Mixed with verbena and hyacinth, the fragrance of grapefruit shows its full aromatic potential and originality in this perfect candle for any space in the home or office.

You will like it if ... you want to experiment with something new, fresh and invigorating.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended and don't burn it for more than 2 hours straight.
  • Keep on until the entire surface is liquefied and wait for it to solidify before turning it on again.
  • To avoid black smoke, keep the wick cut to 6 millimeters at all times. The wick can be placed gently while the wax is still melted.
  • Always protect the surface on which the candle rests.
  • Once there are only 6 millimeters of wax, blow out the candle and allow it to cool completely before disposing of it safely.

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