Rainbow bar


As the lyrics of the famous song of the group America say: “Driving on Ventura Highway, the free wind blowing through your hair ”. That's what it captures Rainbow bar. That, and the idea of the rainbow as a symbol of peace and freedom, like the path that leads to the sun, the blue sky and the warm glow that dazzles us on a summer day.

You will like it if ... have you lived a summer or if the wind has ever disheveled you.

Notas de cabeza: Dávana, Bergamota, Ciprés, Madera de acacia y Cardamomo
Notas de corazon: Notas acuáticas, Albahaca fresca, Elemí, Artemisia, Semilla de uva y Toques de bourbon
Notas de fondo: Avellana, Vetiver, Clavo, Madera de gaiac, Vetiver, Madero de cedro y Semillas de pimiento

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