Global anti-aging cream for normal and combination skin. Oxygen is life. The skin is a living tissue (needless to say), and it breathes. If you add more oxygen to your skin, it thanks you by becoming more luminous and elastic. The good thing about deductive thinking is that you always come to a conclusion. In this case, the most positive.

This cream contains a veritable battery of active ingredients. 32, to be exact. As always in Bakel, none have been put into shoehorn, but to hydrate, promote cellular oxygenation and stimulate the regenerative capacity of the skin. Breathe as if you have reached the highest peak of the mountain: here the air is purer ...

Ritual of use: daily, morning and night. Apply it on the skin or after the serum. Spread the product with the recommended gesture (from the bottom up and from the inside out), on the face, the eye contour, the eyelids, lips, neck and décolleté, until it is completely absorbed.

Key Lirinon ... mitigates the depth of wrinkles and improves their appearance, revitalizes the skin and hydrates and nourishes.

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