Pink, metallic, spicy, woody


Edgar Allan Poe shouts in his work, with his soul poised by sadness, his rebellion in the face of those losses that when we remember them invite us to say: “never again” From the ink of his poem Nevermore (Never again) calligraphed with the pen of a Raven emerged from the "Plutonian" nights, however, a "now and forever" arose, a true story and with legend inks. Every January 19, the poet's birthday, an invisible visitor lays three red roses and a bottle of brandy on Edgar Allan Poe's grave.

Notas de cabeza: Black Pepper Nutmeg Floralozone Aldehydes
Notas de corazon: Rose Oxide May Rose Damascena Rose Wine Poseus
Notas de fondo: Saffron Atlas cedar Amber woods

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