Anti-Age Serum


This serum has 'something' ... what will it be?

For starters, it is a highly concentrated anti-aging product, ideal for providing the skin with the care it needs on a daily basis. As you know, serums are elixirs in liquid gel texture that carry a large amount of active ingredients. The lightness of the texture facilitates, precisely, its absorption and that all these ingredients easily penetrate the skin. And transform it! So much so that there are experts who assure that it is an essential step in a care routine. Remarkable, protective and long-lasting hydration.

With fragmented Hyaluronic Acid (stimulates the skin's natural repair system and allows the skin to generate its own resources to stay hydrated), Panthenol and Provitamin B5 (reduce the sensation of dryness and irritation instantly) and Urea (restores the balance of water on the skin).

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