Maduraï - Scented matches


The Duke of Tuscany introduced jasmine to India for the first time in 1690. Originally from Arabia, its fresh or dried flowers later nourished the myths, legends and daily rituals of Indian culture :. Sometimes sambac jasmine scents loose leaf tea; at other times, it is braided into floral necklaces. Spiritually revered, the jasmine flower becomes an offering in Hindu temples.

You will like it if ... you love the legacy of the oriental tradition for any of your moments.

The most elegant and original way to light your candles. Matches scented with some of the house's most iconic fragrances. They have a special length of 15 cm to avoid burning you when the wick reaches the bottom of the glass. The boxes are decorated with beautiful illustrations designed for the occasion by Lawrence Mynott, a well-known fashion illustrator and friend of the house. Of those things that are never thrown away!

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