Lorenzo Villoresi

Wild lavender


A classic fragrance inspired by the traditional English Eau de Toilette from the late 19th century. A refined base of lavender, citrus, iris, carnation and spices. Shades of coriander, tangerine and bay leaf. A Lorenzo Villoresi perfume for exquisite men who like to smell like the dandies of the 19th century.

You will like it if ... you are looking to succeed in your next big social event or small committee model dinner.

Notas de cabeza: Lavanda, Bergamota, Limón, Iris, Cilantro, Elemi, Lauro, Galbanum.
Notas de corazon: Clavo, salvia, enebro, pimienta.
Notas de fondo: Haba Tonka, almizcle, romero.

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