The Promeneuse


Only Trudon could have created such a thing. La Promeneuse is a new decorative object conceived to diffuse the House's perfumes with a wax cameo. Is there anything more elegant?

Simply place the cameo on top of the ceramic and apply a heat source to melt and exhale Trudon's iconic perfumes, rapidly expanding through the home atmosphere and filling every corner of the room in which it has been placed. In addition, it is ideal to easily change the fragrance.

A cult object for collectors and lovers of the art to perfume the environment with taste. A ritual for initiates created by designer Pauline Deltour.

La Promeneuse is presented with four night candles (Veilleuses) and four scented cameos each in one of the following scents: Abd El Kader / Ernesto / Odalisque / Solis Rex

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