L´Air Barbés


An essence that illustrates different facets of Paris. The city where the beautiful models that complement the streets of Sentier, entertained themselves in castings during the day and, after midnight, with the eccentric opportunists who rioted in the big apartments. A contrast of the apparent rawness of the concrete alleys with the glamor, creativity and dreams they convey.

You will like it if ... you are a fan of the most famous city in the world or you follow one of its most creative or bohemian facets.

Notas de cabeza: Aldehídos, Limón fresco y Bergamota
Notas de corazon: Hormigón, Aceite de extracto de ylang ylang y Nardo
Notas de fondo: Ambrox, Orris, Semillas de comino, Tinta, Cuero, Maderas secas y Almizcle blanco

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