El mago del bosque Caramel


Korrigan is more dangerous than it appears at first glance. This elf from Breton mythology is not a childhood perfume. It is a perfume of intimacy, insidiously musky and irresistible on the skin of those who want it. It is the perfume of the liberation of the senses, which is reserved and shared in moments of intimacy, when caresses follow sweet words and bodies approach. It is an invitation to voluptuousness, the pleasure of the senses and the most extravagant ghosts.

You will like it if want to take a chance with something new, refreshing and addictive.

Notas de cabeza: Baya De Enebro, Azafrán, Coñac
Notas de corazon: Lavanda, Ambrette, Destilado De Whisky
Notas de fondo: Cedro, Oud, Cuero, Vetiver, Almizcles


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