Tras la estela de una espía otomana


The beautiful Ottoman spy smiled at the small glass bottle that contained a perfume created for her. She looked like a harnessed elephant, alluding to the verses of Valmiki, the Ramayana poet, because she was believed to be an Indian. Kismet's origins, spiritual and polyglot, were a mystery. Only the memory of her intoxicating trail remains, that of the perfume Lubin had created for her.

You will like it if consider yourself an independent, gifted and even somewhat mysterious person ...

Notas de cabeza: Bergamota, Limón, Aceite Esencial De Naranja Amarga
Notas de corazon: Absoluto De Rosa De Mayo, Esencia De Rosa Búlgara y Pachulí
Notas de fondo: Ládano, Opopónaco, Vainilla Bourbon


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