El olor de bosques norteamericanos


Lake Itasca, in central Minnesota, is considered the birthplace of the Mississippi River and is surrounded by lush forest. It is the territory of the indigenous Chippewas, who know all its secrets. The forest and resin aroma is refreshed by wild berries and spices.

You will like it if ... Deep down you feel very "colonial", or if you love camping.

Notas de cabeza: Nardo, Caléndula, Mandarina, Baya De Enebro y Pomelo.
Notas de corazon: Clavo, Haba Tonka, Clary Sage, Nuez Moscada y Flor De Geranio
Notas de fondo: Pino Rojo De Itasca (Pinus Resinosa), Vetiver Javanés, Cedro Texas, Incienso Partak, Mirra De Etiopía, Ámbar y Bálsamo De Abeto Canadiense


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