Carrière Frères

Gardenia Tahitensis - Tiaré Flower


Tahitensis is one of the most famous gardenias. Native to Polynesia and belonging to the Rubiaceae family, its delightfully fragrant flower is called the tiaré. It is part of the composition of monoï, a recipe of ancient beauty ‘Mahohi’ obtained by macerating the flower buds in Copra oil. The bush produces flowers of an intense white color that contrasts with the green of its leaves. Its fragrance, floral and very sweet, reminds of the accents of tuberose.

You will like it if ... you have tired of tuberose and you want to change your fragrance or if you would like to know what the paintings of Gauguin's Polynesian period smell like.

A botanical cloud emanates from the Carrière Frères ambient vaporizer, composed of a 100% natural alcohol base. Its faceted silhouette in recycled glass recalls the shape of traditional apothecary jars. Made entirely of recycled glass, it is recognized by its light blue tint and by the wooden stopper.

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