El caballero de la Montaña Sagrada


Caravans are coming from Egypt to seek myrrh in my land of Gilead. My name is the same as that of the land that witnessed my birth, because I am Gilead, the knight of the holy mountain. The land is rich in honey from our hives, tall cedars that shade them, and resins brought to Pharaoh. With incense, cypress and dried grass from Atlantis, we refine the precious balm used by the lords of the east for perfume.

You will like it if ... You appreciate the intoxicating and almost ceremonial smells, very old-fashioned.

Notas de cabeza: Cardamomo, Ciprés, Romero
Notas de corazon: Esencia y Absoluto de Mirra, Miel, Bálsamo Copahu
Notas de fondo: Madera de Oud, Cedro de Atlas, Cipriol, Tabaco rubio Burley


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