El barbero de Sevilla


The heart of this fragrance is a counterpoint between vetiver and fig, enhanced by the accords of apple, clover and plum. Coriander evokes the green of nature and the scent of maritime pines blends with that of the ocean breeze. The woody shades of amber finally give way to vetiver, sandalwood, tonka bean and the base notes of benzoin balm.

You will like it if ... do you need that natural touch or yes you love the opera that bears his name.

Notas de cabeza: Pomelo, Bergamota, Granos De Pimienta Rosados
Notas de corazon: Higo y Manzana, Ciruela Damascena, Cilantro y Trébol
Notas de fondo: Esencia De Vetiver, Styrax, Sándalo y Haba Tonka


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