Ernesto - Room Spray


In a Havana hotel, sizzling in the stubborn sun of the Revolution, the fierce tones of leather and tobacco blend resolutely with oak. Cunning faces emerge through the smoke of the cigars and the barrels of the pistols. Definitely one of our best-selling candles! Who would have told Ernesto ...

You will like it if ... you want to smell again the scents of your childhood, impregnated by the pipes of elegant men.

This variant of the Ernesto range, designed in glass based on the main candle design, will flood your spaces with the delicious aroma that is released when the satisfying pomp is pressed.

Notas de cabeza: Ron, Pomelo, Bergamota
Notas de corazon: Clavo, Madera de Roble, Pachulí, Ládano
Notas de fondo: Acordes de Tabaco, Musgo, Cuero, Ámbar

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