Cool eyes


Special anti-aging cream for bags and dark circles. We all know that the eye contour is the ‘catastrophic zone’. The reason is simple: that skin is up to 5 times more fragile than that of the rest of the face, and to top it off it belongs to an area of great expressiveness. Cool Eyes comes to the rescue with its formula based on 15 active ingredients that mitigate bags and dark circles, improving skin tone and elasticity. The result is a fresher, more rested look. If something stops the expression of your emotions, other than the fear of wrinkles!

Delays the appearance of wrinkles, reduces puffiness, improves tone and hydrates. Recommended for all skin types.

Ritual of use: daily, morning and night. Apply to clean skin or after BAKEL anti-aging serum. Spread the product with the spherical applicator around the eyes and on the eyelids from the inside to the outside until the absorption is complete.

Council Lirinon ... Clean any excess product from the dial after use.

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