Carrière Frères

Citrus Dulcis - Orange Blossom


The orange blossom grows in the Bitter Orange or “Citrus Aurantium”, of the Rutácea genus. When it blooms, the tree shows the world its white flowers, emitting a delicate fragrance that symbolizes purity and beauty since ancient times. Heady and mysterious, the orange blossom is used to decorate the crowns of brides.

You will like it if ... You want to refresh your senses and your environments but you are not a fan of very strong or intoxicating aromas.

A botanical cloud emanates from the Carrière Frères ambient vaporizer, composed of a 100% natural alcohol base. Its faceted silhouette in recycled glass recalls the shape of traditional apothecary jars. Made entirely of recycled glass, it is recognized by its light blue tint and by the wooden stopper.

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