Carrière Frères

Cedrus Atlantica - CEDRO


Tree of the Pinaceae family, the cedar first grew in the Atlas of North Africa. Sleek and robust, cedar wood is a favorite of cabinetmakers and carpenters. Its natural fragrance is an excellent insect repellent, and the Egyptians used its resin to embalm the dead. In aromatherapy, cedar oil fights, among other things, anxiety.

You will like it if ... if you need to relax after work, have a cuckoo clock or if you like naps under a tree.

The wax tablets allow you to perfume small spaces such as a closet or a drawer. Handcrafted in the in-house workshops, they feature botanical elements sustainably obtained from the Herboristère de la Chartreuse, and include a green ribbon to hang them.

Volume: 57 ml / 1.95 Fl.oz x 2
Duration: at least 6 months.
Size: H: 1 cm Ø: 8.7 cm

The box contains two botanical tablets of the same fragrance.
Keep away from heat sources.
Always protect the surface on which the board rests.
Avoid contact with fabrics.
Do not use for any other purpose than that for which this product was intended.

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