Revitalizing serum effect WOW! The perfect serum if you have dull, dull or saturated skin from the sun or pollution. Contains glutathione and vitamin C as the unbeatable combo to reduce wrinkles, bring freshness and vitality, and illuminate skin with the power of a 240W bulb. Discover one of the star active ingredients in cosmetics, vitamin C, and enjoy radiant skin - rain, shine or hail.

Ritual of use: use the THIO-C vial in the morning and in the evening within 3 days of activation. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Apply to the face, eye contour, eyelids, lip lift, neck and décolleté. Gentle product from the bottom up, from the inside to the outside of until completely absorbed.

Council Lirinon ... Do you have a special event? Use the THIO-C serum in the morning and at night the previous three days, you will discover a new freshness, vitality and luminosity.

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