Anti-aging serum. Three, there were three of the only proven active ingredients in this serum, and all of them were good: lactobionic acid (a substance with a high anti-wrinkle effect, antioxidant and capable of increasing the turgor of the skin), gluconolactone (offers effective protection against photoaging , prevents blemishes and improves skin tone) and vegetable glycerin (nourishing effect). Indicated for mature skin.

Ritual of use: apply Lactobionic daily, morning and night, on the face, eye contour, eyelids, lips, neck and décolleté. Spread the product gently from the lower part of the face to the upper part, and from the inside to the outside until it is completely absorbed.

Council Lirinon ... If you like to sunbathe, but want to avoid wrinkles and loss of tone, use Lactobionic every day with sunscreen.

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