La conquista del Oeste


The composition is inspired by the tonic remedies that were supplied to the pioneers of the Wild West. Created by migrant physicians, these tonics were first thought of as medicines. They would soon become part of American culture, and then they would be transformed into refreshments for the young. Bluff It is a very refreshing fragrance invigorated by the mixture of citrus, wood extracts and spices. It is then revealed as an extremely elegant yet sensual unisex perfume.

You will like it if ... you appreciate the old western movies or if you can at least not fall asleep.

Notas de cabeza: Lima, Bergamota, Nuez Moscada y Canela
Notas de corazon: Clary Sage, Lirio y Nuez Kola
Notas de fondo: Vetiver, Cedro, Pachulí, Madera De Sándalo y Vainilla


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