Carrière Frères

Lycopersicon Esculentum - TOMATO


Tomato is a fruit of the Solanaceae family, and is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Few people know that it was first cultivated in South America and that its name comes from the Inca voice ‘tomalt'. Sweet and meaty, the tomato is very satisfying on the palate, whether raw in a salad or cooked in a good pasta.

You will like it if ... you are from the generation of "dude, here's a tomato" or if you're also a member of the tomato to death club.

Carrière Frères is distinguished by its totally sustainable approach and its careful selection of components from natural sources, which is why the tomato air freshener set It has: a 100% natural alcohol base, a recyclable wooden stopper and untreated rattan sticks. Together, they provide a solid foundation for distilling the freshest and most botanical aromas.

Capacity: 190 ml - 6.4 Fl.oz
Duration: 8/12 weeks
Bottle dimensions: H: 12.5 cm Ø: 6.5 cm


  • The rattan sticks diffuse the perfume by capillary action for a constant and light diffusion.
  • On the first use, for immediate release, soak the rattan sticks in the bottle and turn them over so that the scented part of the sticks is out of the bottle.
  • For continuous diffusion, flip the sticks for the first two weeks of use and then every four days until complete evaporation of the perfume.
  • Changing the number of bars allows you to modify the intensity of the perfume.
  • The diffusion of the perfume will last between 8 and 12 weeks. This duration may vary depending on the size of the room where the fragrance diffuser is located, the ambient temperature, the diffuser's exposure to direct sunlight and drafts, which increases the evaporation of the perfume.

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