Abd el Kader - Cameo


The cameo with scented wax is placed in the La Promeneuse vessel. It is heated from below and exhales its perfume in every corner of the room. Can you be more perfect?

Abd el Kader, the Algerian who fought the French invasion in the 19th century, is a national hero to his people. Trudon remembers his exploits with a North African-inspired fragrance that is a hymn to freedom and endurance. Inspired by the scent of Morocco and its palaces, he is as free and proud as the man he honors with his name.

You will like it if ... you want to try something new without being afraid of failure being one of the best selling candles in the house.

A scented cameo allows a diffusion of approximately 8 hours. Each box contains 4 cameos.

Notas de cabeza: Limón, Tomillo, Mirto
Notas de corazon: Higo Negro, Lavanda, Pino, Madera de Cedro
Notas de fondo: Almizcle, Pachulí, Madera de Cashmere

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